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There is untapped potential in every hotel.
We help you find it.

Hotel consulting
by MOJ & Partners.
Worth every visit.

You think you know all the strengths and weaknesses of your business – until you experience what our hotel consulting can show you. As a unique team of hospitality experts, controllers and big-data analysts, we will find undetected data sources, unrecognized deficiencies and unutilized opportunities. With our services, you can expect clear practical recommendations and a measurable increase in value.

Always friendly.
Always honest.

Is your hotel moving in the right direction? We will help you find out, leaving no stone unturned, looking at every area: Product, finances, clients, pro­cesses. Leveraging our data-driven analytics, we will find un-optimized areas - based on that, we make recommendations to help you move in the right direction.

All that with a firm, but friendly attitude.

In depths.
And without
fear of heights.

Whether a family-run business, hotel chain, financial institution, real estate owner or investor, you want to make the most of your hotel operation. The more you want to achieve, the more you must be willing to look beyond standard procedures. Our analyses do exactly that. We bring every commercial opportunity to the forefront, including those you may never have considered.

A good captain has
a pilot by his side.

Are your earnings meeting your expectations? If so, it can seem like everything is alright. Being satisfied with the status quo can make you blind to hidden dangers and also untapped potential. A risky path to follow, especially during a crisis. Instead, prepare for weaker economic periods and challenging times. With "Financial Con­trolling as a Service", or FCaaS, it is easier than you think – and more cost effective.

MOJ & Partners.
Think beyond as a principle.

The team at MOJ & Partners is made up of a unique combination of hoteliers, financial experts and big-data analysts. Although we come from different back­grounds and areas of expertise, one thing we have in common is our work ethic and desire to think beyond the standard solutions. And to go the extra mile.

Based on our experience, it is that attitude that makes a great hotel. And also great hotel consulting.

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